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CIP builds, maintains and manages networks of international leaders and experts in the field of knowledge-based business from industry, academia and public actors. These networks supports and interacts to the furthest extent possible with all activities promoted, supported, coordinated or managed by the center and the CIP platform. CIP has an industry partner program with key actors such as Philips, Ericsson and Nestlé, collaborating on multiple levels of education and research activities.


CIPs Executive Education BIP Module 2

CIPs executive education BIP (The Business of Intellectual Property) Module 2 starts today with particpants from our partner companies, such Nokia, Volvo, Ericsson, Sandvik, Electrolux, joining us in Gothenurg for a three day module on intellectual asset capture, positioning, and commercialization, as well as the intellectual asset manangement approach to innovation. The partners will also present the assignments from Module 1 for feedback from both the faculty and the other participants.

We are happy to have experts such as Brian Hinman, CIPO at Philips, and Roberto Castagno, Nokia, joining as guest lecturers.

We look forward to three days of great disussion.

Intellectual Property Strategy Forum 2017 in London, UK

Bowman Heiden participated in a panel discussion on Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT) at the Intellectual Property Strategy Forum 2017 in London, UK. CIP Advisory Board members Brian Hinman, Bruce Schelkopf, and Ian Harvey also participated as well as ICM alumni, Marcus Malek from Aistemos and Philip Ideström from SAAB. More information on the event is available here.

CIP Executive Education BIP- Thanks to all Participants

We look back a great last week at High Tech Campus in Eidhoven and the first module of CIPs Executive Education. Thank you all participants from Volvo, Ericsson, Nokia, Sandvik, Hydro, Chr Hansen, Electrolux, PRV, Patentstyret, I3PM and Qatar Foundation Research and Development.

We look forward to seeing you in Gothenburg May 8th-10th for the second module.

CIP Executive Education BIP

CIPs executive education The Business of Intellectual Property kicks off in Eindhoven, Netherlands, on March 28th-30th. Participants from our partners will join us for the first module of the education program focusing on the role of IP in business. With us we have Ruud Peters, PIPCO, advisory board member of CIP and former CIPO at Philip.

We look forward to interesting  discussions and getting to know our partner colleagues.

The second module will be in Gothenburg, Sweden, on May 8th-10th.

Brian Hinman, CIPO at Philips, visit CIP in Gothenburg

Brian Hinman, CIPO at Philips, is in Gothenburg to lecture in the Intellectual Property Strategies course for the students at the master’s programs supported by CIP. He will speak on the topic of intellectual property strategies in practice, both from the perspective of his role at Philips and from his rigorous experience from the industry, having held senior executive positions at some of the world’s leading corporations. In the afternoon we will welcome our professional network to join the discussion on the topic of NPEs and the role of defensive patent aggregation, where Brian Hinman will draw from his unique experience as a leader and entrepreneur in this field. He will give his input on the history and the future of the problems these actors solve and the role they play in the evolving IP marketplace, including some “war stories” from the trenches.

CIP FORUM 2016 – thank you

CIP FORUM 2016 has come to an end and we would like to sincerely thank all participants for your intriguing input and active contribution to the discussions on convergence for industry and university. In particular, we give our warmest thanks to our partners for making the event possible. Together the participants have shared innovative ideas, research, and practical experiences from a global perspective, and it has been our delight to see them interact with our students, who have gained valuable insight into the current hot topics of our field. The goal of the event was to provide a comprehensive understanding of the key convergence issues by leading global policy makers, executives, and experts in an open environment where all participants have an opportunity to partake in the dialogue. That goal was truly reached.

We already now look forward to CIP FORUM 2018.

CIP FORUM 2016 – we’re back

Today is the start of CIP FORUM 2016! CIP FORUM is our flagship event where CIP Partners, colleagues, alumni, and invited guests gather biennially to address the key industry, university, and policy challenges of the transformation to a knowledge economy. The event has been held on six occasions since 2001 in Göteborg, Sweden.

The focus of the event is on sharing innovative ideas, research, and practical experiences among global actors. A blend of theory and practice is employed to bridge the gap between strategy and policy and encourage critical reflection in a world where business and public policy are both in transition. The inclusion of CIP graduate students in the event allows the next generation to voice their opinions through the unfiltered lens of the beginner’s mind. A key goal of CIP FORUM is to transform the dialogue into action through new initiatives together with CIP Partners, academia, and policy makers that will be carried out and presented in the next event. CIP FORUM 2016 will focus on the theme of convergence from both an industry and university perspective through three interrelated, convergent focal areas:

  • Industry Focus – Digitization and the Internet of Things: The Convergence of Technology and Business Models
  • Industry-University Focus – Building Professional Partnerships: The Convergence of Industrial and Academic Capabilities
  • University Focus – Beyond Tech Transfer: The Convergence of Research and Innovation

The event will discuss challenges, trends, and specific management and policy issues that characterize the difficulties of convergence for industry and universities through plenary, break-out, workshop, and round-table sessions at different levels of focus, including policy, strategy, and operational levels. Participation is based on invitation, where the specific sessions are designed in collaboration with CIP partner organizations and board members as well as the key interests of the invited participants. The goal of the event is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the key convergence issues by leading global policy makers, executives, and experts in an open environment where all participants have an opportunity to partake in the dialogue.

CIP welcomes all participants of CIP FORUM 2016 and look forward to three great days of rewarding discussions! For more information please visit the CIP FORUM webpage.