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Research activities at CIP are focused on the paradigm shift from an industrial to a knowledge economy. CIP Research investigates the structural transformation of industry, universities, and society through an interdisciplinary approach involving scholars and experts in management, economics, law, technology, sociology, and political science. A central theme is the role of intellectual assets, property, and capital in the formation of wealth and welfare in what we term the (control of) knowledge economy.


CIP at CPIP Summer Institute in Beaver Creek, USA

Innovative and Creative IP Commercialization

Bowman Heiden presented as part of a panel discussion on Innovative and Creative IP Commercialization at the CPIP Summer Institute in Beaver Creek, CO, USA. The panelists included Christopher Sabec (Rightscorp), Susan Rohol (Nike), Luke McLeroy (Avanci), Mike Smith (Carnegie Mellon) and the moderator was Michael Risch (Villanova).

CIP at IPBC 2017 in Ottawa

IPBC 2017 – Meeting the Convergence Challenge

IPBC 2017 follows up on the CIP FORUM 2016 theme of convergence, and CIP is in Ottawa to partake in the interesting discussions. Bowman Heiden moderates the session on policy priorities, focusing in the central role of IP in innovation processes in technology convergence, and how it increases in relevance in policy making.

The sessions speakers are:

  • Bruce Berman, Chair, Centre for Intellectual Property Understanding
  • Konstantinos Georgaras, Director general, corporate strategies and services, Canadian IP Office
  • Malcolm T Meeks, Vice president and patent director, France Brevets
  • Mark Schaan, Director general, marketplace framework policy branch, Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

Intellectual Property Strategy Forum 2017 in London, UK

Bowman Heiden participated in a panel discussion on Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT) at the Intellectual Property Strategy Forum 2017 in London, UK. CIP Advisory Board members Brian Hinman, Bruce Schelkopf, and Ian Harvey also participated as well as ICM alumni, Marcus Malek from Aistemos and Philip Ideström from SAAB. More information on the event is available here.

European Commission workshop IPR, Technology Transfer & Open Science – Challenges and Opportunities

Today Ulf Petrusson, Director of CIP, spoke on the topic of ” IPR and Technology Transfer in an Open Science context” at the European Commission workshop IPR, Technology Transfer & Open Science – Challenges and opportunities in Brussels. It was followed by a panel discussion on open science and technology transfer, and the incentives for knowledge producers, commercial exploitation in the value chain.

The panel included key representatives of European research organizations, such as IMEC, CERN, EARTO and European Space Agency.

The event is jointly organised by JRC and DG Research and Innovation.

Forskning och Nytta – IP and the Utilization of Academic Research

Ulf Petrusson’s comprehensive manual on IP and the utilization of academic research, Forskning och Nytta, has just been published. It is focused on the role of intellectual asset/property management to facilitate the utilization of academic research and is based on research performed in relation between CIP and Institute for Innovation and Social Change. The goal is to promote an executable framework for analysis of research results and design of utilization strategies, and the framework has been deployed in the development of the innovation system at University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology, as well as in the graduate courses at Sahlgrenska School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship.