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CIP visited by PASSIM research group

Today CIP welcomed professor Eva Hemmungs Wirtén from Linköping University and her research group to present their ERC founded project Patents as Scientific Information 1895-2010 (PASSIM). The groups presented several interesting research projects and CIP looks forward to an increased collaboration, especielly for the coming CIP FORUM 2018.

Professor Hemmungs Wirén is among others the author of the books No Trespassing (2004) and Terms of Use (2008). In her work she discusses intellectual property, cultural heritage and the commons. She has also conducted research on Marie Curie in an effort to combine intellectual property with the study of celebrity culture and the international management of scientific information.


Photo: Anders Norderman

Professor Frederick Mostert, Oxford University, visits CIP

Professor Frederick Mostert at Oxford University visits CIP today to educate the students at the Brand Management course. Frederick will share his solid experience in IP and branding on the topic of “Authenticity in the Digital World”, and we are very happy to have him with us.

European Innovation Policies for the Digital Shift

Bowman Heiden, Deputy Director of CIP, today participated in a panel discussion on “The role of standards and intellectual property rights for digital innovation” in the recent JRC-Seville/DG CONNECT final conference on European Innovation Policies for the Digital Shift. The conference was held in Brussels with representatives from the ICT industry, European Commission staff and academia working on issues related to the digital economy. Focus was to discuss innovation policies for the Digital Single Market.