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Brian Hinman, CIPO At Philips, Visit CIP In Gothenburg

Brian Hinman, CIPO at Philips, visit CIP in Gothenburg

Brian Hinman, CIPO at Philips, is in Gothenburg to lecture in the Intellectual Property Strategies course for the students at the master’s programs supported by CIP. He will speak on the topic of intellectual property strategies in practice, both from the perspective of his role at Philips and from his rigorous experience from the industry, having held senior executive positions at some of the world’s leading corporations. In the afternoon we will welcome our professional network to join the discussion on the topic of NPEs and the role of defensive patent aggregation, where Brian Hinman will draw from his unique experience as a leader and entrepreneur in this field. He will give his input on the history and the future of the problems these actors solve and the role they play in the evolving IP marketplace, including some “war stories” from the trenches.