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Linus Kingfors

Linus Kingfors

Summer 2017

Company: University of Malta, Knowledge Transfer Office
Location: Msida, Malta
Time period: 10 weeks during June-August 2017

Explanation of the work:
My work mainly consisted of evaluating applications to KTO from academic personnel of the University of Malta in terms of economic feasibility, IP strength and overall impression. I also assisted some of my colleagues with ongoing projects in terms of market analysis, creating draft materials for project pitches, etc.

How did your education thus far prepare you for the tasks you have done?
My background in Mechanical Engineering helped me in understanding the technical aspect of the projects, as well as understanding the value of different technologies. My background at CSE helped me use this understanding to set up plans of actions or give business related advice to my colleagues.

I have improved my understanding of how it is to work with government entities as well as improved my skills in performing market analyses. I have also gained some valuable insight on how it is working abroad. I really appreciate the focus CSE puts on connecting real life cases with the education, it has proven very beneficial as it well prepares you for your working life. I would suggest structuring all courses around cases given by companies, as I believe it reflects the reality a lot better than fictional cases strictly based on academic knowledge.