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The Vera Project – for increased equality and diversity

The strive to be progressive is always in focus for CIP. We are looking to make a contribution, in everything we do, and in the dialogue with our students we are always incentivized to peek at the horizon. For CIP, digital transformation and social transformation are closely connected, and we are committed to promoting social and democratic values in technology development.

The Vera Project is equality and diversity project initiated by CIP in 2017 and launched at CIP FORUM in 2018. The project is named after the first female engineer in Sweden, Vera Sandberg, who graduated in 1917 from our partner university, Chalmers. With The Vera Project as a platform, CIP will in all activites work to increase diversity in the technology and IP fields. To make a lasting impact, we are looking for input and support from our network.

After all, studies show a clear link between equality and diversity, and improved business performance.

If you would like to know more or give your contribution to The Vera Project, please email Anna Holmberg at